Ralsei provides badges to specific users that have achieved something significant related to the Ralsei bot. A full list of badges are provided below:

Image Title Description
Detective Badge Detective

Detectives are users who have discovered all available Ralsei Bot secret commands. If the bot updates and adds a new secret command, they will become "Former Detectives".

Former Detective Badge Former Detective

Former Detectives are users who used to have discovered all Ralsei Bot secret commands, but lost the badge since a new secret command was added. If the new secret command is found by the user, they will regain the "Detective" badge and lose the "Former Detective" badge.

Bugfinder Badge Bugfinder

Bugfinders are users who found a bug with the Ralsei Bot and submitted a bug report. To be eligible for the bug finder role, you need to have sent a bug report regarding the bot to the developers in any method you prefer.

Contributor Badge Contributor

Contributors are users who submitted a feature request or a suggestion, which was later added to the Ralsei Bot. Contributors may also be users who have significant contributions to the bot, and is not necessarily limited to just feature reports.


VIPs are users with their own dedicated command. These users are given special commands due to their significance to the bot or to the development team. VIPs are able to user their dedicated commands in any server where they are a member of.

Developer Badge Developer

Developers are users who are actively working on and maintaining the Ralsei Bot. These developers are given access to many commands which are used for testing and debugging, which give them more control over the bot than other users.

Former Developer Badge Former Developer

Former Developers are developers who previously worked on the Ralsei Bot but don't anymore. They no longer have special access to some of the bot's features, but still have the badge nonetheless.

Owner Badge Owner

This badge is provided to the owner of the Ralsei Bot.