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Bot Command Help

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This page contains clearer details on Ralsei and his commands. Click on a command to see more information about it.

The prefix used here is "!ralsei". This may be different based on your server configuration. Also ensure that Ralsei is given the correct permissions before using him. If you run a command that Ralsei cannot reply to due to insufficient permissions, the command will fail silently and will not inform you of the error.

Arguments encapsulated in <angle brackets> are required while those encapsulated in [hard brackets] are optional.

Each response has 10 or more variations. Commands marked blue are not replied to using a text box with Ralsei's character. Commands marked yellow are not replied to using a text box. Commands with a green dot () contains one or more rare secret response(s).

If the command starts with a "-", followed by the prefix, the bot will automatically delete the calling message.

Click on a command to display more information about it.

!ralsei helpinformative

Get a link to the detailed commands page (this page.)

!ralsei charactersinformative

Get a link to a page with all usable characters and expressions for Demirramon's Undertale Text Box Generator. These characters may be used in the !ralsei say command.

!ralsei botinformative

Get information on the bot.

!ralsei supportinformative

Get a link to the Ralsei Bot Support Server. There, you can give suggestions or issues about the bot.

!ralsei report/!ralsei suggestdropbox

Report issues or suggest features regarding the bot using a built-in report system.

!ralsei getreport/!ralsei getsuggest <case ID>dropbox

Find out the status of a report or suggestion. Requires the case ID, provided after submitting a report.

Type: string
!ralsei <greeting>conversational

Make Ralsei say hello.

Valid greetings are: hello, hey, hi, greetings, what's up, 'sup, howdy.

!ralsei <farewell>conversational

Make Ralsei say goodbye.

Valid greetings are: goodbye, bye, farewell, so long.

!ralsei loveconversational

Confess your feelings of admiration to Ralsei.

!ralsei hugconversational

Hug a name. Special names have a secret response.

!ralsei *hugs ralsei*conversational

Hug Ralsei. The greatest achievement possible.

!ralsei encourageconversational

Receive encouragement from best boi Ralsei.

!ralsei good <time>conversational

Greet Ralsei depending on the time of day.

Valid values are: day, morn, morning, noon, afternoon, evening, eve, night.

!ralsei soupconversational

Get some soup from Ralsei's soup pile. Comes with tissues.

!ralsei cakeconversational

Have Ralsei bake you a cake. Takes 1 to 2 minutes. If it stops midway, the bot might have restarted during the process, but this is very rare. In the event that this happens, please send us a screenshot, and we will send soup.

!ralsei sayutility

Make Ralsei say anything. Each box has 3 lines with 24 character slots. This generates a box like the one below.

!ralsei say Nice to see you again!

Nice to see you again!

As of v1.1, you can also change the speaking character and the expression of the character by using character=<character> and expression=<expression>. The list of available characters and expression can be found on Demirramon's Undertale Text Box Generator's Developer Information.

!ralsei say expression=blush

Nice to see you again!

!ralsei say character=sans expression=wink i already "befriended" your mom last night.

Nice to see you again!
!ralsei cfgconfiguration

Manage your server's Ralsei configuration. You can find help with the configuration below.

!ralsei dbotsanalytics

Show how many points Ralsei has on the Discord Bot List.

Ralsei Upvote COunt
!ralsei voteanalytics

Get a link to the Discord Bot List profile.

!ralsei serversanalytics

Show how many servers Ralsei is running on.

Ralsei Server Count
!ralsei pinganalytics

Show how long it took for your message to get to Ralsei, and how long it took for Ralsei to send the proper response.

!ralsei analytics [value]analytics

Shows information about Ralsei's performance.

Valid values are: latency, servers, cakes.

!ralsei analytics servers returns the following image with it:

!ralsei uptimeanalytics

Shows how long Ralsei has been running.

Secret Commandssecret
!ralsei <??????>secret

Hidden command. Typing in !ralsei ?????? will not work.

To find out this command, refer to the riddle created by command creator MegaVile:

To access the chad, you must be glad.
The name for the ship that sails, are small yet bad...
!ralsei <??????>secret

Hidden command. Typing in !ralsei ?????? will not work.

To find out this command, refer to the riddle below:

He is the greatest, he is the best.
Praise him and the bot shall do the rest.
!ralsei <?????>secret

Hidden command. Typing in !ralsei ????? will not work.

To find out this command, refer to the joke below:

Guess Ralsei can't take an L.
!ralsei <????>secret

Hidden command. Typing in !ralsei ???? will not work.

To find out this command, refer to the following video:

Configuration Manager

The configuration manager handles your server's configuration. It can modify values that determine how Ralsei runs on your server.

The right area of the category indicates the permission required to make changes to that command.

To edit the configuration, run !ralsei cfg <category> where <category> refers to those listed below.

prefix <keyword> <with space>Manage Server

Modify the Ralsei Bot prefix for your server.


The word Ralsei will look for. Does not support regular expressions as of now.

Type: string
Default: !ralsei
Limitations: 16 alphanumeric and select symbols characters only. You may not use "help".
with space

Should Ralsei look for a space after the defined prefix?

e.g. If you want a prefix like rals:<command>, set this to false.

Type: boolean (true/false)
Default: true
quicksay <operation>Varied

Modify the Ralsei quick responses for your server.

listSend Messages

List the quick responses for that server.

add <keyword> <repsonse>Manage Channels

Add a new quick response.

Type: string, string
remove <keyword>Manage Channels

Remove a quick response.

Type: string
clearManage Channels

Remove all quick responses for your server.

WARNING: This does not have a confirmation and will remove all quick responses instantly.

import <responses JSON string>Manage Channels

Import quick responses from a Base64-encoded string containing responses.

Type: string (base64)
export [json/base64]Manage Channels

Export Base64-encoded quick responses to Hastebin and get a link to the paste.

You can specify the format the exported string will be in. By default, this will be Base64, but you can specify the bot to export the responses in JSON format.

NOTE: The importer only accepts Base64 strings, so before importing a paste in JSON format, encode it using a Base64 encoder.

This is the same list of responses exported in two formats.

!ralsei cfg quicksay export [base64]
Base64: https://hastebin.com/iqetonagum

!ralsei cfg quicksay export JSON
JSON: https://hastebin.com/ipuyofujel

Type: string (json/base64)
block <list/set>Varied

Stop built-in Ralsei commands from running.

listSend Messages

Show the list of active blocked commands.

set <command> <blocked>Send Messages

Set if a command should be blocked or not.

Type: boolean (true/false)

The command to disallow.

Type: string
Limitations: You may only input commands listed above.

Should this command be prevented from running?

Type: boolean (true/false)
lewd [true/false]Manage Channels

Should Ralsei warn lewders?

Type: boolean (true/false)
permissions <list/set>Manage Server

Mange the required permissions to change configuration values. In order to change a configuration value, the user must have the permission specified either by the default permissions or by the user-set permissions, modified by this category.

listManage Server

Show the required permissions to change configuration values.

set <command code> <permission>Manage Server

Change the required permission to change a configuration value.

command code

The command code to change. The command codes can be found in the list below.

Type: string


prefixModify the prefix.
block-listShow the list of blocked commands.
block-setSet the list of blocked commands.
quicksay-listShow the list of quick responses.
quicksay-addAdd to the list of quick responses.
quicksay-removeRemove from the list of quick responses.
quicksay-clearClear the list of quick responses.
quicksay-importImport into the list of quick responses.
quicksay-exportExport the list of quick responses.
lewdwarnModify the lewd warning.
permissionsModify permission requirements.
unknownModify settings on showing the unknown command warning.

WARNING: Giving a user permission to modify the minimum required permissions is very dangerous. Only give this power to those who you trust.


The permission required by the user to run the command. The permissions can be found in the list below.

Type: string


ADMINISTRATORHas all permissions, and bypasses all channel overwrites.
CREATE_INSTANT_INVITECreate server invitations.
KICK_MEMBERSKick members.
BAN_MEMBERSBan members.
MANAGE_CHANNELSEdit and reorder channels.
MANAGE_GUILDEdit server name, region and information.
ADD_REACTIONSAdd reactions to messages.
VIEW_AUDIT_LOGView the Audit Log.
PRIORITY_SPEAKERUse Priority Speaker.
VIEW_CHANNELView the channel.
SEND_MESSAGESSend messages.
MANAGE_MESSAGESDelete messages and reactions.
EMBED_LINKSEmbed links on messages.
ATTACH_FILESAttach files on messages.
READ_MESSAGE_HISTORYView messages posted before opening Discord.
MENTION_EVERYONEMention @everyone or @here
USE_EXTERNAL_EMOJISUse emojis from other servers.
CONNECTConnect to a voice channel.
SPEAKSpeak in a voice channel.
MUTE_MEMBERSMute members across all voice channels.
DEAFEN_MEMBERSDeafen members across all voice channels.
MOVE_MEMBERSMove members between voice channels.
USE_VADUse voice activity detection.
CHANGE_NICKNAMEChange nickname of self.
MANAGE_NICKNAMESChange nicknames of others.
MANAGE_ROLESManage roles and permissions.
MANAGE_WEBHOOKSManage webhooks.
MANAGE_EMOJISManage server emojis.
unknown [true/false]Manage Channels

Should Ralsei warn users if they ran an unkown command?

Type: boolean (true/false)