Ralsei is being rewritten.

UPDATE (21 June 2022): Ralsei is back up and running with the existing codebase. Work on the rewrite will be continued and is expected to be complete by mid-July. Unfortunately, the slash command change is still going to happen no matter what. Again, thanks Discord. See you in a month.

Slash commands have been temporarily disabled while work is being done for full support. You may still use !ralsei generate to generate Undertale/Deltarune text boxes.

Previous text

Ralsei is under emergency maintenance.

Ralsei has been severely unmaintained for the past few years due to the lack of developer resources. A new version of Ralsei was planned since late 2021 when Discord announced that message content was going to be a privileged intent (in other words, I'd need to apply for the ability to read message content). This, however, has been plagued with the lack of developer time and resources and as such, a definitive upgrade for Ralsei has been on hold since the release of v2.0.

The lack of maintenance caught up to now (June 19, 2022), and the bot is no longer able to log in to Discord. This means the bot is down for all servers until further notice. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like there's a hack this time around, so I actually have to stop just "maintaining" and actually begin working on a new version (which, at this point, might just be another rewrite).

Because of this, I've decided to take the bot temporarily down for emergency maintenance. The next week will be spent trying to piece together old parts of the bot that can still work under the new slash commands system, and discarding the rest. This does mean that the bot will be on maintenance mode for the duration of the fixes.

Only one command is usable under maintenance mode: /generate. You can use this to generate text boxes, albeit with no multi-box support in the meantime. Since text box generation is Ralsei's most-used feature, this will hopefully band-aid the giant crack in the dam. To use this, please re-add Ralsei to your server using this link. Once the bot's old commands have been reintroduced as slash commands, you'll be able to use them immediately (if you re-invited the bot). Yes, you have to re-add (no need to kick) the bot into your server to use slash commands. What a joke, right? I would definitely prefer not doing this but unfortunately, I have no choice. Thanks, Discord.

Further news will be posted in the #announcements channel on the Ralsei Bot server.