Privacy Policy

Being privacy-concerned individuals ourselves, we have a commitment to making sure that the privacy of our users are taken care of and dealt with properly. Here, we document what exactly do we do with the data we collect, and how we take care of it.

This policy applies to the Ralsei Discord Bot (@Ralsei#1055 (ID 513534023172227073) on Discord) and the Ralsei Bot website,

What Data Do We Use

When Ralsei first joins a server, a configuration is immediately generated for that server. This configuration file is indexed using the server's ID – a special number generated by Discord when your server is created. We use this to keep track of almost every action that your server does, since this number cannot be changed.

If you ran a command that Ralsei processed, your user ID – another special number generated by Discord, is also stored on our database in order to keep track of the secret commands you have run and the badges that you've received. This stays with you unless you request your data to be deleted. Data deletion requests are handled in the support server or through the support email address, both of which can be found at the help page.

When you visit the Ralsei Bot website, your activity on the website is tracked using Google Analytics. You can opt out of this collection through multiple ways: either by enabling "Do Not Track" (DNT) on your browser, using an ad blocker or tracking blocker extension, or using the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

When you log in with your Discord account to the Ralsei Bot website, we receive your user ID – another special number generated by Discord, in order to identify your account. We also get a list of servers that you're in, although as of now we don't use that data at all. This also saves a cookie on your browser, which is used to identify the logged-in user. (That's you!)

When the bot fails to run a command, we get the content of the message that you sent, along with the ID of the server that you sent the command from, which we then use in order to find the cause of the issue. This automatic telemetry does not save any user information. This telemetry, however, cannot be disabled - since error messages are also required in determining whether or not our systems are being compromised.

What Data Do We Store

We obviously don't store all the user and server data that we come across, since this isn't necessary for bot operations, nor would it be practical to store everything. We only store a specific subset of the data you and your server provide.

Data What we store it for
Server ID To index your server configuration.
Provided configuration settings To allow configurability for your server. This only holds values that are not equal to the default values, in order to conserve database space.
User ID

(for the website) To access your session cookies, allowed commands, and to renew your user token.

(for the bot) To keep track of your badges and found secret commands.

Feedback Data To answer feedback. Feedback data includes the time and date of the report, the content of your report, your user ID, and the type of report (suggestion/bug report).
Happiness To share it with other users. For legal reasons, this is a joke and we don't actually store "happiness".

Google Analytics stores the data that it collects when you use this website. They have their own privacy policy, which can be found at

What We Use Data For

We use your data exclusively to operate the bot and bot website, and for the reasons stated above. We don't use it for anything else.

For data collected through analytics, we use this to identify page views and to identify potential points of improvement including, but not limited to, page splits to make reading easier, changes to website styling, increased documentation of a feature, et cetera.

In the event that the Ralsei Bot is transferred to another maintainer or owner, we will make sure that your data privacy is also respected under the terms of this policy.

Who Has Access To Data

Only level 5 bot developers (of which there is only one, chlod#9493), and the bot itself have access to database data. The same group are the only ones who have access to analytics data.

We make sure to keep security breaches to a minimum. For this reason, we don't allow others to access the database unless there is good reason to. The database is located at the same server where the bot is hosted, meaning your data does not travel through connections other than through Discord (if it was collected through the bot), then to us. In the event that, for some reason, authorities with the proper documents request to view the contents of our database, we will only provide the data that they require. Nothing more.

Requesting A Copy Of Your Data

You can request a copy of your user data by contacting the bot developers in the support server or through the support email, which can be found at the help page. You can also request deletion of user data this way.

As soon as the bot leaves your server, your server data is immediately deleted. For this reason, we request you to back up your configuration with !ralsei cfg meta export in order to preserve your configuration if you wish to restore it at a later date.

In The Event of Compromise

In the event of a data compromise, we will alert the users affected. Granted, the data that would have been leaked would not have included any personal information (unless you provided exactly that in your server configuration), but we still have a commitment to keeping you informed about your data. For this reason, we will send you a message through the bot if you're part of the affected users.