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Privacy Policy

This page might change spontaneously. Keep watch!

We, the creator(s) of Ralsei Bot, value your privacy. We strive to make our bot usable without requiring excessive information from our users. So here is an in-depth review of what data we collect, what we do with that data and how we store it. We aim to be as transparent and flexible as we can. We run ourselves for our community and our processes are made by the community.

If you feel like we're treating you unfairly, or if you think we should modify this policy to keep less data, please message us on our support server, or contact the developers directly so that we can amend these policies based on your suggestions. We want what is best for our users, and keeping our policies based on the community help us relate to these users.


By inviting the Ralsei Bot to your server, you have access to all of Ralsei's commands. This also automatically creates configurations for that server based on the defaults. Your server administrator may choose to block some of these commands through the configuration, introduced in version 1.1. From then on, we collect data on our commands and how they perform which include, but are not limited to: ping (the time it takes for your message to reach the bot and for the bot to form a response), time sent, the author and others.

We also collect the amount of servers and cakes per minute. You can access this with the !ralsei analytics command.

We will never ask for sensitive information. If a user posing as the Ralsei Bot asks you for sensitive information, please report it to us immediately.



What do we do now with commands sent to the bot? We first insert the message ping into our analytics system, then we log the message, its author and from which server it is from. Since we only retain the user's name, we cannot send you friend requests, since we would need your discriminator as well (the number that precedes the # on your username.) Since we only retain your server's name, we also cannot join your server at will. We collect the names of such so that we can find out how many servers have the bot and how many users utilize it. These are logged in our debugging logs, a secure flow of information that is deleted everyday. These logs help us identify issues with the bot, and what can causes errors to arise. You can blacklist us from recording analytics and logging messages from your server by disabling analytics on your server configuration.


As of now, we do not store user information into our databases. User information is only collected whenever you send a message and we process it then log it. This means that your data may be held for a maximum of 1 day. If you would like your username to be excluded from the logs, please ask your server administrator to disable analytics.


When a server is deleted, its configuration will be retained, just in case you re-invite the bot. You may choose to export your configuration into a JSON file, which you can import on other servers.

At your request, we may delete your configuration settings, either user or server. You can go through this process by contacting the developers directly or on the support server.



For us, analytics help us see how we're doing and what we can do to improve. Our analytics consist of message pings, Discord pings (the latency between Discord and the bot), commands per minute and failed commands for the past hour. We can then publish this data in public for our users, so that we can also show you how we're doing.


Our data is stored on our local servers. We do not let any third party interact with our data and analytics.