Box Generation 101

  1. Intro
  2. Coloring Text
  3. Customizing the Box
  4. Box Syntax
  5. Box Syntax Keywords

To decrease load on Demirramon's text box generator, the images will only load when you request them to. Please keep this in mind before clicking on all these images.

The Ralsei Bot has two box generation commands at the user's disposal. First is the !ralsei say command, which generates a DELTARUNE box with Ralsei as the character, and the !ralsei generate command, which generates an UNDERTALE box with no character. Users can also create quick responses that are pretty much equal to server-specific custom commands, and the provided text also goes through the same box generation system.

To make a box, simply provide the contents of the box as arguments of your command.

!ralsei say Hello, everyone!
!ralsei generate Hello, everyone!

You can use generate and say interchangeably, and the parameters you set will still be recognized. It only depends on which you prefer to use. To keep things clean, we'll be sticking to the generate command for the rest of this tutorial.

Coloring Text

To add some more color in your box, you can use color parameters. They're similar to the parameters to be discussed below, but instead use the keyword color.

!ralsei generate This is how you color=green change color=white colors.

You can also use hexidecimal codes (hex codes) to change the color.

!ralsei generate This is ALSO how you color=ffff00 change color=white colors.

If you have a new line within your request, you will also end up coloring the asterisk. To avoid this, just set the color to white before the new line.

You can type line breaks into Discord using Shift + Enter. Ralsei will interpret these as line breaks.

!ralsei generate color=blue Oh no!
My asterisk is colored!

To change the color mid-word, you have to put text=join after the second time you changed the color, like you see below.

!ralsei generate You are filled with color=yellow DETERMINATION color=white text=join !

Customizing the Box

Obviously, it would be extremely boring if we only allowed users to generate Ralsei boxes. Because of this, you can modify the box to your own liking by using parameters. These are options followed by an equals sign (=) and then a value. The following is a list of available parameters.

For visibility reasons, the boxes in the command outputs here are much smaller.

Parameter Usage

The mode determines what mode the box generator should use when making the box.

The following is a list of available modes.

Box Shape Preview
!ralsei generate mode=undertale Undertale mode.

The standard UNDERTALE box. Clean and pure.

!ralsei generate box=deltarune mode=darkworld Dark World mode.

The DELTARUNE box. Colors are gradiented, and the text has shadows.


This is the shape of the box to use.

The following is a list of available box shapes.

Box Shape Preview
!ralsei generate box=undertale Box is "undertale".
!ralsei generate box=deltarune Box is "deltarune".
!ralsei generate box=underswap Box is "underswap".
!ralsei generate box=underfell Box is "underfell".
!ralsei generate box=octagonal Box is "octagonal".
!ralsei generate box=derp Box is "derp".

This sets the color of the box itself.

The value can be either the name of a common color or a hex code.

!ralsei generate boxcolor=blue Box color is "blue".
!ralsei generate boxcolor=blue Box color is "0000FF".

This sets the character to be used in the text box. A full list of characters can be found on the text box generator's page.

If you wish to use a custom image for the charcter, this should be set to "custom".

!ralsei generate character=ralsei Charcter is "ralsei".
!ralsei generate character=toriel Charcter is "toriel".
!ralsei generate character= Charcter is "" (no character).

This sets the expression of the character to use. This will change the character's current expression, or certain aspects about the character's face. Like the characters themselves, the full list of expressions can be found on the text box generator's page, and show up when a character is selected.

If the character set to "custom", this does not have any effect.

!ralsei generate character=ralsei expression=happy Charcter is "ralsei" and expression is "happy".
!ralsei generate character=ralsei expression=happy Charcter is "ralsei" and expression is "shocked".

This sets the url of your custom character. This must be a direct link to an online image file. The character must be set to "custom" for the URL to be recognized.

!ralsei generate character=custom url= Charcter is "custom" and url leads to the Ralsei Bot logo.

This sets the color of the character. Like the box color, it can take in a common color's name or a hex code.

!ralsei generate character=ralsei charcolor=red Charcter is "ralsei" and charcolor is "red".
!ralsei generate character=ralsei charcolor=ffff00 Charcter is "ralsei" and charcolor is "ffff00".

This is the font to use for the text.

The following is a list of available fonts.

Font Preview
!ralsei generate font=determination Font is "determination".
!ralsei generate font=sans Font is "sans".
!ralsei generate font=papyrus FONT IS "PAPYRUS" (CAPTIALIZED FOR CLARITY).
!ralsei generate font=earthbound Font is "earthbound".
!ralsei generate font=wingdings Font is "wingdings".

Disables or enables the asterisk that goes before the box text.

!ralsei generate asterisk=true Asterisk enabled.
!ralsei generate asterisk=false Asterisk disabled.

Makes the box small or large. The larger box is scaled to make the image clearer. The smaller box retains the quality, but is as small as the image can get.

!ralsei generate small=false Box is normal sized.
!ralsei generate small=true Box is small.

If enabled, the box gets a black border around it.

!ralsei generate border=true Border enabled.
!ralsei generate border=false Border disabled.

Box Syntax

The box syntax is a syntax of-sorts that lets you generate multiple stacked boxes with just one command. Form a technical perspective, the box syntax is very similar to XML or HTML, except attributes are outside the tag, not inside.

Box syntax is extremely easy to understand. All you have to do is start the contents of one box with <box> and end it with a </box>. That's all there is to it.

Unfortunately, the only size of boxes that can be made under the box syntax is a small box, and all of the boxes have the black border. This is a limitation of the text box generator itself.

!ralsei generate <box>This is box A.</box><box>This is box B.</box>
!ralsei generate <box>You come closer to the color=yellow CHEESE color=white text=join ...</box><box>A small mouse appears under the table.</box>

Box syntax is case sensitive as well. When making a box, it looks for a pair with the same capitalization as the first. This means you can put another <box> tag inside of a box (but of course, it won't turn into a box).

!ralsei generate <bOx>You start boxes with the <box> tag...</bOx><boX>Then end it with a </box> tag.</boX>

Box Syntax Keywords

Part of the box syntax are a few keywords that are substituted for actual values. These are wrapped in curly bracketst ({}). A list of available keywords are below.

Keyword Substituted with
user The display name (for servers) or username of the calling user. The display name is the nickname of a user, or their username, if they don't have a nickname.
usert The user's tag (Username#xxxx).
usern The user's username.
userd The user's discriminator
userfc The first character of the user's display name. Works in servers only.
server The name of the current server. Works in servers only.
svowner The owner of the server's display name. Works in servers only.
svownern The owner of the server's username. Works in servers only.
svownerd The owner of the server's discriminator. Works in servers only.
members The amount of members in the server. Works in servers only.
prefix The prefix for the current server, or for the direct message (always !ralsei).
servers The total server count of Ralsei.
shards The amount of running Ralsei Bot shards. Shards are bot components that handle up to 2500 servers each.
ping Ralsei's response time, calculated from the latency between when the message was sent and when {ping} was substituted.
{{0 to ...}}

The nth parameter of that command. This is most useful in quick responses, but utterly garbage with the normal generation commands.

!ralsei config quickresponses add sayhelloto What's up, {{{0}}}?
The quick response "sayhelloto" is created.
!ralsei sayhelloto Toby
!ralsei generate You know who's a kind person? {{{0}}}!

To use any of these, just run the command with the keyword wrapped in the curly brackets, and the bot will automatically substitute the values for you.

!ralsei generate Hi! My name is {usert}!